Unlock your iPhone 3.0 Firmware with Ultrasn0w

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The Apple iPhone dev team has came up with a new solution to unlock the iPhone 2G/3G and iPhone touch who have been upgraded to the firmware 3.0 While firmware 3.0 has its advantages which can be found everywhere on Internet, it also solves the problem of unlocking an iPhone whose baseband was 2.30.03

Currently, the solution available by dev team did not support this baseband. Their support to unlock an iPhone on all carriers was uptil baseband 2.28. To resolve this issue, if you upgrade your firmware, then its baseband would change to 04.26.08 and then it can be easily unlocked.

Once you have upgraded on firmware 3.0 on your iPhone 2G/3G you have to jailbreal it using quickpwn or redsn0w. Once they are jailbroken, use Cydia installer (Its the name of an app which will automatically be installed on your iPhone when it will be jailbroken) to install ultrasn0w.

Once ultrasn0w will be executed on your iPhone, it would be unlocked and you'll be free to use it on any carrier you wish.

More details are available here.

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