How to enable Push Notification on a Unlocked iPhone

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Push Notifications have been introduced by Apple with the launch of OS 3.0 and its not a biggie for those who are using their iPhones on contract, but the folks with unlocked iPhone have to do some manual settings in order to enable Push notifications.

Download this file first and then follow this guide step-by-step to successfully implement it:

Push Solution Test Steps

A. Get Legit Keychain Data:
*You Must Perform These Steps On A Properly Activated Device (iphone or ipod touch) with at least one working push app*

1.Unzip the downloaded zip file and copy the binary 'nimble' using SSH into /private/var/Keychains and set permission to 0755

2. Make sure the file "keychain-2.db" is in /private/var/Keychains and run nimble. You will see 4 files being created:
- youtube-cert.bin
- youtube-key.bin
- push-cert.bin
- push-key.bin

3. Copy these 4 files into the corresponding folder on your hactivated device.

B. Testing Push:
*You Must Perform These Steps On Your Hacktivated Device*

1.Unzip the downloaded zip file and copy the following files using SSH into /private/var/Keychains and set permission to 0755:
- inject
- nimble

2. Store in somewhere else the current "keychain-2.db" and run inject. A new keychain-2.db will be created

3. Uninstall the push app (i.e. beejive or similar) you intend to test on from your hacktivated device and reboot

4. Test youtube, reinstall the above push app and test.

Please note that notifications can be controlled from "settings" option.

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Enable Private Browsing mode in Firefox 3.5

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Firefox 3.5 hasn't been out yet, its still in beta testing but one of the key feature of the new browser would be a Private surfing mode, which was introduced by Google Chrome in the browser market.

The advantage of private surfing mode or window is, that all your cookies, browsing history and Internet files are deleted, right after you close the window. This helps preventing the unauthorized access to your Online accounts and helps you keeping your browsing history a secret (that is by deleting everything related).

It can be helpful to you in one more way, that if you're using someone else's PC and the user saves cookies and passwords in their browsers, you'll have to log him/her out before you can log-in if you want to access the same site. That usually happens when visiting a social media site or checking E-Mails. To avoid this, you can simply open a Private mode for browsing and do your stuff their. All your data and setting would be automatically deleted, right after you close the browser, without changing any saved password or cookie.

Now how to do that? Here's a short tutorial:

  1. Make sure you have downloaded the latest version of Firefox 3.5 (beta)
  2. Open the Tools menu and click on 'Start Private Browsing' or use Shift + Control + P
  3. A pop-up will ask you to confirm your decision so click on 'Start Private Browsing' again.
  4. Now to end the session, simply go to Tools menu and click on 'End Private Browsing'.

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How to Unlock and Jailbreak iPhone 3GS? Step-byStep Guide

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Here's a video from iPhone Dev Team blog, which demonstrates how to Unlock your iPhone 3GS in few easy steps!

Here’s a brief video demonstration by @planetbeing of the iPhone Dev Team’s ultrasn0w unlock for the new iPhone 3G S. Special thanks to @Oranav for the at+xlog crash — a gift to the community that has kept on giving!

Our ultrasn0w program uses the at+xlog crash as an injection vector of our unlocking payload — and it does so on the 3GS in exactly the same way as on the 3G! But this injection vector will be lost if you update to 3.1 using the official Apple IPSW, which updates the baseband. So stay away from official 3.1 IPSWs until we release the tools that let you update the firmware without updating the baseband.

iPhone 3GS Unlock Demonstration from planetbeing on Vimeo.

If you encounter some confusion in this video, or are looking forward for a step-by-step guide to Unlock your iPhone 3GS, then here it is in few simple steps:

1. Download Redsn0w first.

2. Download the original firmware of your iPhone from here and here. These two files are a splited version of a single iPhone firmware, and therefore you need to extract it using WinRAR first to get a single firmware file out of it.

3. Connect your iPhone to the USB port and execute Redsn0w. It should detect your iPhone and something like this would be displayed:

4. It would either automatically detect your firmware, or you'll have to browse to the file you just downloaded.

5. It would ask about the packages you want to install, check on Cydia and Unlock.

6. Keep following the on screen instructions, it will ask you to reboot your iPhone

7. After rebooting, you'll have a jailbroken iPhone, but you won't be picking up any signal. Now its the time to unlock it.

8. Browse your iPhone to the Cydia application and execute it. Its an essential application that is installed automatically after the iPhone is jailbroken.

9. Download from there. Your iPhone should be connected to a WiFi.

10. Download Ultrasn0w from Cydia. Search it and you'll find it easily.

11. Restart your iPhone 3GS and now you are free to choose the carrier of your choise!

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Windows 7 Prices announced by Microsoft

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Microsoft has finally announced the prices of their long awaited Operating system, Windows 7 which will be released on October 22. Though the beta version is already out, some users are anxiously waiting to get their hands on something which is more advance and better than XP.

The prices are announced on the Windows 7 Blog. Rumor has it that the upgrade to the newer version would be free of cost but its not for sure.

The list of prices which we have got from the official sources are as follows:

  • Windows 7 Home Premium (Upgrade): $119.99
  • Windows 7 Professional (Upgrade): $199.99
  • Windows 7 Ultimate (Upgrade): $219.99

And the estimated prices for full versions are:

  • Windows 7 Home Premium (Full): $199.99
  • Windows 7 Professional (Full): $299.99
  • Windows 7 Ultimate (Full): $319.99

Also there is a Special offer on Pre-Order of Windows 7,

We will offer people in select markets the opportunity to pre-order Windows 7 at a more than 50% discount. In the US, this will mean you can pre-order Windows 7 Home Premium for USD $49.99 or Windows 7 Professional for USD $99.99. You can take advantage of this special offer online via select retail partners such as Best Buy or Amazon, or the online Microsoft Store (in participating markets).

You can pre-order a copy of Windows 7 from retailers like Best Buy and Amazon or online from Microsoft Store

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Unlock the OS firmware 3.0 on iPhone 2G

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The procedure of unlocking the firmware 3.0 has already been discussed here but for the sake of simplicity, we will define it here too.

Follow the following steps in exact order to get your iPhone 2G unlocked:

  1. Download the PwnageTool 3.0 (Direct | Torrent)
  2. Make sure to download bl39.bin and bl46.bin
  3. Install the iPhone firmare for iPhone 2G from here.
  4. Run the PwnageTool and follow the steps on the software.
  5. Once the custom firmware is made, enter DFU mode and restore the firmware.

Note: To enter DFU mode, watch this easy tutorial. Also while clicking the restore button, hold 'Shift' in Windows and 'Option' in Mac to browse to the custom firmware file.

Unfortunately the PwnageTool does not work for Windows users so just make use of the following custom and unlocked firmware 3.0 files for iPhone 2G.

  1. Download the Custom/Unlocked firmware 3.0 files above.
  2. Combine the files with HJSplit (for Windows) and Split&Concact (for Mac).
  3. Now you will have on file named iPhone1,1_3.0_7A341_Custom_Restore.ipsw
  4. Simply boot into DFU mode and restore the Custom/Unlocked firmware 3.0.
If you follow each and every step mentioned here carefully, then you should have an Unlocked iPhone 2G running on firmware 3.0. Good Luck!

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