Enable Private Browsing mode in Firefox 3.5

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Firefox 3.5 hasn't been out yet, its still in beta testing but one of the key feature of the new browser would be a Private surfing mode, which was introduced by Google Chrome in the browser market.

The advantage of private surfing mode or window is, that all your cookies, browsing history and Internet files are deleted, right after you close the window. This helps preventing the unauthorized access to your Online accounts and helps you keeping your browsing history a secret (that is by deleting everything related).

It can be helpful to you in one more way, that if you're using someone else's PC and the user saves cookies and passwords in their browsers, you'll have to log him/her out before you can log-in if you want to access the same site. That usually happens when visiting a social media site or checking E-Mails. To avoid this, you can simply open a Private mode for browsing and do your stuff their. All your data and setting would be automatically deleted, right after you close the browser, without changing any saved password or cookie.

Now how to do that? Here's a short tutorial:

  1. Make sure you have downloaded the latest version of Firefox 3.5 (beta)
  2. Open the Tools menu and click on 'Start Private Browsing' or use Shift + Control + P
  3. A pop-up will ask you to confirm your decision so click on 'Start Private Browsing' again.
  4. Now to end the session, simply go to Tools menu and click on 'End Private Browsing'.

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